Simone Schaustz



I'm a self-taught painter that became passionate about painting in 2007. At this time I worked with Marketing in some companies in Brazil. In 2010, after my first son was born, I left my job and started painting full-time.

My paintings are the result of a passion to transform a white canvas in colorful and organic shapes. When I start painting I never know where it will lead me. The white is my inspiration. I just close my eyes and try to feel where it will take me to. Sometimes is the colours that pop-up, sometimes it is the shapes. There are hard times when nothing comes up, but I never give up: I just start painting and let the canvas and paint flow. When that happens I am just a facilitator, using my hands without trying to think too much.

My abstract paintings are made of acrylic paint and ink droplets and through each dot I create the shapes that compose my work.

In 2015 I moved to Oakville, Canada and at the beginning of 2017, after a hiatus of two years, I started painting. Today I am represented by the Artspace Oakville, a gallery in downtown Oakville.

You can contact me at sicores@hotmail.com.